The Irish Terrier Club is an established and well-respected organization.

We specializes in training for Irish terriers, show preparations and training, and breeding.


This organization is the top of its kind and is well-respected in the breeding and show world.


The Irish Terrier Club hosts and takes part in several events across the country.


For more information about the programs or events, contact the Irish Terrier Club.

Welcome to the home of the prestigious Irish Terrier Club. This organization prides itself on the best quality training programs. They are well-known, well-respected, and very prominent in the dog world and are especially praised for their high standards for training and breeding. The club is the best of its kind in the country and is well-respected in show and breeding circles.

Irish terriers are one of the most popular breeds in the world and many people love to make them part of their families. They are popular show dogs and have won many awards. Irish terriers are great dogs to have as long as they are properly trained from a young age. Adult terriers can also be trained, but the earlier routines and rules are set, the better. Irish terriers are strong-willed, independent, and wants to be the boss. If they are not trained to respect their owner as the boss, they become problem dogs that do what they like and cause destruction.

At the Irish Terrier Club, training is done very successfully and in the right way.

There are three main areas of expertise and services at the Irish Terrier Club:

1. Training

This includes respect training, learning words, basic commands, and training of owners on how to treat their dogs and continue with training at home.

2. Shows

Training and grooming of show dogs is a big part of what is done at the club. Many Irish terriers that were trained at this club have won awards at different show events.

3. Breeding

The Irish Terrier Club is a recommended breeder of Irish terriers. Interested parties can contact them directly to find out more about the process or available puppies.